I absolutely love working with other small business owners. Something as simple as branding, and having a professional website for clients to refer to can take your business to the next level.

Please contact me for any questions you may have regarding your business image.

Marci Dawn Photography

I recently worked with an awesome photographer by the name of Marci Dawn.  Her photography business had really picked up, and she felt it was time to get a website & logo.  She expressed to me her love of geometric shapes, antlers, and soft pastel colors. It’s safe to say she was very happy with the end result.  Click on the picture below to check out her site.

Screen shot 2013-01-08 at 7.35.54 PM


Valory Jean Photography

Valory Jean won my Christmas Giveaway, and decided to get free logo design.  She wanted a “chalkboard handwriting look”, and also wanted people to think weddings when they saw her logo.  It definitely has the vintage script look, and the vines wrap it all together!  After the logo design process was completed she asked for a blog redesign.  I was more than happy to do that for her.  She wanted a simple black, white, and gray look.  (Very photography if you ask me!) And then need reorganization and branding.  & Voila! Mission Accomplished. Click on the image to view her site!


Angela Johnson; Health for Life!

This awesome Mom and wife has conquered weight loss in her own life, and helps others overcome their own weight loss challenges. Check out the site! I was so glad to have been able to learn more about her, and design to her needs.  Click on the image to view her site!

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 2.12.07 PM


A Ruffled Life; Crafting life with glitter & spunk! 

I have worked on the following site for the past 5-6 months, and I absolutely love how it turned out!  Starting from scratch, Alix and I worked together to identify what design aspects would properly illustrate her as a person, and her life story.  A Ruffled Life is an interesting, adorable, and fun blog that could keep you entertained for days.  Check it out, and follow away because she is well on her way to fame.  Thanks Alix, this project helped me fall in love with blog design.  Enjoy!