Mary & Jordan

I have known Mary for what seems like forever, so when she asked me to design her invitations I was thrilled.  She has such class, but also such style.  I absolutely love it, so designing her invitations made it that much more enjoyable.  Mary was looking for a simple, classy feel with her wedding flower as a theme.  I used a lace like design with the complimenting flower for the final result.  The invitation was a premium package which included: 6×9″ invitation, 2 sets of 4×4″ additional cards, and custom labeled envelopes.

I took some pictures of the invite – but it looks WAY more blue than usual.  My bad!





This is the Engagement/Bridal video I did for mary – her WEDDING VIDEO – which is a collection from the actual wedding day will come out pretty soon.  This was just a fun experiment I did, and I learned so much!

To watch the video the password is : agreendesign

Mary & Jordan from Amber Armour on Vimeo.

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