Green Wedding Golf & Signs


(Mini Golf & Photo booth)

At Bryant and my wedding reception – the line to meet the bride & groom was a mini golf course telling our story. (Our story isn’t that grand- just loved the idea!) So for each hole I designed and printed a large sign telling a little bit of our story.  We also had a photo booth in the corner of the reception hall where people could dress up and write on a chalk board. So, I thought why not do one more sign for the heck of it!  Over all, it tied in well with our cupcake/candy signs and really gave the reception a fun yet classy theme.  I didn’t include all signs on this page, but you get the idea!

Thanks to Goodrich Photography for the amazing photos.


3 thoughts on “Green Wedding Golf & Signs

  1. kneedirt

    So cute Amber! I loved your wedding! p.s. goodrich photography is actually deertown photography and some of your pictures are on your website


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