Green Wedding Candy & Cupcakes


at Bryant and my wedding reception we served cupcakes & candy.  Most people who attended said it was “deee-lish” or something along those lines.  For these yummy snacks I decided to design label cards for each flavor. (Abt. 4 cupcake flavors & over 20 candy choices.) It was fun & really tied the whole thing together.  I also made stickers for the baggies available for guests to take candy home.

Thanks to Goodrich Photography for the lovely photos.

1 thought on “Green Wedding Candy & Cupcakes

  1. Marissa

    Candi – So flipping AWESOME. What an abtsluoely adorable and fun looking wedding. AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. I love the different bridesmaids dresses and how cute do the groomsmen look. Whoever came up with all of those great ideas, YOU ROCK. If this was all the brides vision and she does not do this as a career, she should!


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