Birth Stories


I love documenting births! They are full of raw emotion and beautifully intense moments. There is nothing more awe inspiring than capturing the moments when a couple becomes a family, a little boy becomes a big brother, a mom becomes a grandma… and on and on! These are moments that pass too quickly, and trust me, you will treasure these images for years to come!
My goal during your child’s birth is to be unobtrusive while documenting the event. I will be at the Mother’s shoulder the hole time, quietly capturing your precious moments.  All births are different and each one just as beautiful as the last. Whether you are having a natural birth at home, or giving birth at a hospital via c-section, your birth can and should be documented!
During our consultation I will ask you about your birth plan, what you are wanting to capture, and it’s a great time to get to know each other so that you can be comfortable with me on the big day!
Birth is an intimate and beautiful event and I count it an honor to be able to capture it for you!
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Who will be filming my baby’s birth?  I will be the only one coming to your birth, and editing your film. (Only one Camera)

What types of births can you attend? I can film at home, birth center, or hospital births (even c-sections), however it is important that you verify the policies in your particular hospitals to find out what they allow.

Do you travel for births? I really wish I could, however due to the unpredictable nature of birth, I am only available for births in the state of Utah.

How long will it take to get my film? I like to spend plenty of time working on each film. I want it to be just perfect for you, that the music complements your story, and you are in love with your film. Turnaround time is 2 months.

Will my film be color or black and white? Most birth films are converted to black and white per my clients preference or if lighting conditions are poor. If your place of birth is well lit, color editing is a beautiful option as well.

When should I plan to book? As soon as possible, most of my inquiries are coming in as soon as Mom’s find out they are pregnant, so if you want to secure your date, the sooner the better!

How do I book? Please email me once you know you want to book.  We will then plan a meeting time so we can discuss your birth plan, and get to know each other. I will bring over a contract for you to fill out and once I receive your signed contract and your deposit, your date is booked!

Here is a recent reaction from a Mother I worked with:

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Another reaction from a recent father I worked with:

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Birth Videography Pricing

Packages vary between $300-700. Coverage of labor, birth, and time with family. Utilizing one professional quality digital broadcast camera, one operator. Full professional editing with unlimited transitions and cd-quality background music. 1 basic DVD copy

Any other questions? Contact me.