1(Amber)My name is Amber Green & this is my little family.

Growing up I was always known for hogging the computer and stealing my Dad’s video camera. I was always seen running around with my friends shooting “movies” and would edit them on my Windows 98.  My passion continued through high school, and when the time came for college I knew what I wanted to do; Film & Design.  Story boarding, illustrating, script writing, sketching, acting, directing, editing. Just all things I couldn’t get enough of.  Towards the end of my college career I met a blonde haired – blue eyed boy who stole my heart.  After we were married it came time for me to decide what I wanted to do with my talents.  My Professors told me to choose. “It’s best to focus in one area, Amber.”  But I wanted to do it all.  So I am. My passion allows me to capture and illustrate some of the best stories screenwriters and film artists can’t see. It’s real life, and there’s a noticable difference between the two. . Whether it’s a Mother seeing her child for the first time, an artist spilling their heart through song or a man seeing his wife for the first time in her white dress. Let’s capture it. 

Photograph by Tyler Alexander


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